I finished this book last night. Basically, it follows the lives of Michael Poole in the 21st century (written in the first person) and Alia, nearly a 1/2 million years in Poole's future (written in the third person) and the subtle yet powerful connection between them. Near the end the story gets a little rushed and I found what Alia and the Transcendents did to Poole a real hard ending to believe. Not that I hated it, but it didn't make a lot of sense. But overall I found the story interesting - it reminded me of the first book in the series (the 2nd one seemed to have more of a "war" theme to it and there really wasn't a lot of jumping between timelines until the end of the book).

This book concludes the Destiny's Children series that I've been reading, although I think there's another book that adds some short stories into the mix. Overall I liked the series and I found it hard to put the books down once I got 1/2-way through each one. I don't think they're stellar examples of sci-fi but I was entertained with Baxter's writing and that made the payoff in my book.

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