Amazing What People Will Use Their Money For

This week the Mega Conference 2005 is going on (a pretty dumb name for a conference if you ask me). Jason reports that it costs 150$ to attend the conference. Who would spend that much money to listen to a bunch of false information? I guess over 2,000 people have...sad. I realize Jason is just attending for reporting purposes and has to spend the money to get in, but there's a lot of people spending that money of their own free will. Yikes!

Then I read that 16 million dollars have been donated for a young-earth creationist "museum." That makes me want to cry. I mean, sure, people can do whatever they want with their assests, but think of the good that could be done with 16 millions dollars. Sadly, it's being pissed away on a building that tries to demonstrate that the earth is 6,000 years old. What a waste.

* Posted at 07.21.2005 10:00:28 AM CST | Link *

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