Extending .NET Compilers

When I wrote Chapter 5 for "Applied .NET Attributes", I quickly got frustrated because you really couldn't write attributes that were applicable at compile-time (think CLSCompilantAttribute). Ever since then, I've been thinking about writing a .NET compiler that could be used for any .NET language and would allow you to add your own compilation rules (some of which would use custom attributes!). I finally got around to working on it a couple of weeks ago. The tricky part was going to be the custom compilation rules engine, but I realized that the FxCop SDK pretty much does exactly what I need.

The results of what I did can be found here. I'm calling it the Extensible Compiler for .NET. All of the source code is included in the ZIP file along with a Word doc that documents (to some degree) the essentials of the code. I'm considering it a 0.1 beta release, so if you find problems/issues with it please read the doc to find out how to submit bug reports and feature requests. If a lot of people end up using this and there's a significant need to broaden the code base support beyond my availability, I'll try to move the code somewhere else. Right now, I'll just keep it in a ZIP file.


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