As Liz and I were driving the boys to the park yesterday, we started talking about our cell phone switch. A while back, we dumped our home phone and went to using 2 cell phones. Liz was a bit tentative about doing it, but it's turned out to be a positive thing overall. She made an interesting point yesterday, though, and that's about the boys and learning how to use a phone. When we were growing up, there was one phone in the house, and you had to learn how to answer nicely, write messages for others if they weren't there, and share it (i.e. not hog it). Hayden and Ryan aren't going to have that experience. Are they going to get their own cell phones? I don't know right now but I'm guessing they will.

It's interesting to see how their world is going to be very different from ours. They're [1] already used to cameras having small screens on them to see the pictures and/or video right away. They're used to phones having cameras on them. They probably won't write any letters on paper; it'll all be electronic communication in one form or another. They probably won't carry a lot of cash; it'll all be plastic. They'll have the ability to watch any movie they want from home. They'll probably have to deal with a lot of environmental issues that have been piling up for decades (both figuratively and literally). To them, the solar system has eight planets.

I'm sure there's other things you could come up with that I didn't list. The point is, if we took the attitude of "that's the way we've always done it" we'd still be driving Model Ts (or horse-drawn carriages). Change is inevitable - might as well embrace it.

[1] Well, Hayden is. Ryan is just yucking it up for now.

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