Halo 3: Homophobia Evolved

NSFW for language:

None of this commentary surprises me. Just a bunch of idiots online. It's still disappointing to see people act like this, though. I've been in rooms where people were using the n-word liberally and one of my friends who was in the room is African-American. He told me later, "what can you do, they're just ignorant", and he was right. What can you do? Stupid can't fix itself. Sure, you can ban them, or take legal action against them, or do a bunch of other things, but if someone wants to be ignorant...no one will force them to stop hating gays or other races or people who wear tennis shoes on Thursday or whatever it is that's tripping them up.

* Posted at 11.26.2007 11:25:39 PM CST | Link *

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