Speaking in Fort Worth, TX

Yes, I haven't posted in a very long time. I've been addicted to XBox Live - PGR2 is a blast. If you want to race me sometime, my gamer tag is: ViktorJB. I've also been busy with other personal things (of a positive nature, but I'd like to keep it personal for now). However, I've missed long nights programming and writing. I have to get back on the horn. Part of that will be focused on getting my web site in order so I can finally get to blogging more often. Yes, this time, I mean it! Getting a home network set up (w/ wireless) has been great, and now I can finally develop on any machine at home and get content up more quickly.

Anyway, I will be talking at the Fort Worth .NET User's Group on March 18th. The talk will be on .NET attributes, a topic I'm very fond of (note: so far, the web site doesn't show me speaking that night yet, but I've been told that the site will be updated real-soon-now). If you're in the area feel free to stop by.

I hope to post about the obfuscation of Reflector and get more "Investigating .NET" work on line in the near future.

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