Golfing in Three Hours

Today I decided to go golfing at the New Prague Golf Course [1]. It was kind of a last-minute thing, but I was able to get a tee time at 3:22 before their league teed off. I got there on time, paid my fee, grabbed my clubs and headed off to the first tee. I was a single and I didn't get paired up with anyone, so I just started crusing. The first nine (I started on #10 - they were starting everyone off the back nine) was good for me: 44, with some really good drives and fairway shots - I was also recovering from trouble better than I usually do. The 2nd nine started out great with a birdie, and I also hit some "monster" drives for me: around 270 yards. But the heat was getting to me on the last 4 holes and I wound up with a 46 for a grand total of 90. That's a decent score for my game, especially since I hardly get a chance to hit the links anymore.

Now, here's the odd thing. I bring my clubs back to the car, thinking it's got to be around 7 or 7:30. I look at my cell phone, and it's...6:22.

I just finished 18 holes in 3 hours.

Holy crap! No wonder I was tired on the last 4 holes - I must've been booking it without really realizing it. That was by far the fastest round of golf I've ever played.

[1] I don't know who is to blame, but putting in the roundabouts near New Prague was an awful idea. I hate them!

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