Anybody Want Some Firewood

A couple of weeks ago, Liz and I brought a swingset over from a neighbor's house - they haven't used it in a while and they gave it to us for free. Well, we quickly realized the swingset wasn't in the best of shape - it had cracked boards and the set creaked and moaned whenever Hayden swung on it. So...we decided to buy a set from Rainbow Play Systems, and it's coming this Friday. Today, I spent a couple of hours breaking down the set, and now I have a bunch of boards in the backyard. Anybody need firewood? If so, let me know - it's free, you just need to pick it up and take it away. Otherwise it'll eventually end up in a junk yard.

* Posted at 09.10.2006 07:42:41 PM CST | Link *

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