Quick Vacation Notes

Last night I spoke at the Cedar Rapids .NET User's Group. I had a great time. There were 20-30 attendees and I got a lot of questions (at least a lot more than what I have been getting when I do my Reflection talk). Afterwards I went out with some of the attendees for drinks. I really enjoyed the event. I was going to go golfing today but I have to get stuff done for our upcoming trip to Vegas, so I'm going to delay that round until I get back.

More progress is being made on the deck. They skirted it, and now they're working on the stairs. So close...so very, very close!

RSS Bandit is giving me awful fits lately. I get some odd "read past EOF" message and then the whole thing comes crashing down. Well...what happens is I get the "RSS Bandit has encountered a problem..." message, but if I shove that down to the bottom of the screen, I can still run the app. I know there's a new version in beta...I should install that, because the current version is fairly buggy.

That is all. I'm on my way back through the cornfields to the Twin Cities today. Then it's off to WI tomorrow, and Liz and I head off to Vegas on Thursday. w00t!

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