Basking in Boston

More like getting drenched ;)

I got in around 7:30. Hit the hotel, got some dinner, shaved, showered, and now I'll do a final run-through before tomorrow.

On a side note, I found it interesting that there was a "celebrity" on my flight to Boston. I won't state the person's name, because, well, I really don't see a need to specify who it was (although I'm sure you'd know who it was if I divulged details about the person). My point of bringing up the story is that it's always bothered me when people treat entertainers differently than others (as someone asked the person for their autograph - please, let the person alone!).

I tried to pick up a USB CF reader before I left, but the store didn't have any. I'll see if any of the local Best Buy or Circuit City shops has one so I can post pictures of my Boston shenanigans in pseudo-realtime.

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