An Open-Source .NET Decompiler

I've always been a huge fan of Reflector. It's been the tool that every .NET developer should have. This is because Lutz wrote a great program, and he also built extensibility into the product. However, one aspect that irked me was that it was closed-source, and when Reflector became productized with hints of a paid version in the future left me a bit concerned. Yes, a free version will always be available...but I'm really not sure about where Reflector is headed.

Then I saw this post on Cecil.Decompiler.

According to the comments, a GUI tool is in the works with a plug-in model.

Now, granted, this is really early in the game. But the idea has great promise, and I hope it delivers.

* Posted at 12.16.2008 12:25:26 PM CST | Link *

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