Kids Update

Ryan is doing a lot better. The ear tube surgery has helped out a lot. It's normal for him to sleep through the night now. He's now dealing with teeth popping through, but that's manageable. He's walking all over the place, and he has a lot less fear than Hayden did. He loves to go down slides (Hayden still doesn't do it). He's talking a bit now ("car", "star", "go go", "round round", makes animal noises for cats, dogs, cows, etc.).

Hayden is starting to get out of the terrible twos. He still has his moments, but he's getting easier to reason with. He isn't potty-trained yet (ugh!) but we're trying to encourage without forcing it (which we've been told is a bad thing to do). He's also starting to ask the "why?" questions...a lot. I'm happy he's asking, but it does get to me a bit (my mom said I asked "why?" a lot, so I guess it's payback). He's got a good sense of humor, he's learning to read (slowly)...all in all he's a fun kid to be around.

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