For some reason this morning I thought of UML. I remember in the late 90s that UML was a big thing in my world (take that statement FWIW ;) ). I thought that it was important to have your class diagram, to know what stereotypes were, to remember that abstract classes used italics...or something like that. UML was also going to give us the ability (or at least the potential) to generate code.

I can't remember the last time I actually designed something using UML.

It's not that UML is worthless. I think it's a good thing to have a standard notation. Sometimes I still rough out ideas on paper using pseudo-UML. Overall, though, I've discovered that the applications I've been on evolve too fast to worry about UML. I know you can generate class diagrams from code....but I've never seen a developer go to a class diagram; they always go to the code (assuming it's clear and consise). Maybe you've used UML a lot in your career; it's been pretty much a non-issue in my life. I think the key thing is that I want the class diagram to be a real-time reflection of the code base, not a stagnant diagram stuffed into a documents folder (which is never updated). I primarily design in code, so as long as the square boxes and arrows match what I just checked into version control, I'm good.

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