Opinionated Code

Lately I've heard a lot of people throw the term "opinionated" around when they refer to their code.

Great. I'm happy for you that you want to scream from the mountaintops your ivory-tower idealistic huge thought balloons in your public APIs.

Yes, we all have opinions. Nothing wrong with that. But the way I've heard this term used is, "hey, if you don't like the way I wrote this code, f**k you". And frankly, I'm getting tired of listening to grumpy, arrogant asshats, no matter what their profession is.

I read this post from a friend of mine this morning, and he echoes my sentiments perfectly. I want to enjoy writing code and creating tools and frameworks and add-ins that people want to use. And it's hard to find the right levels of abstraction. But ultimately, what drew all of us to computers was to make this thing do some really cool stuff. That's why I keep writing code.

Maybe I should start learning Lisp...

UPDATE (12/21/2008): Peter makes a comment about this post. Just to be clear, my commentary isn't limited to one technology stack, or language, or anything based on ones and zeros. It's the attitude, and that doesn't seem to limited to what a developer is coding in or with.

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