2005 Goals Checkpoint

2005 is almost halfway done, and at the beginning of this year I listed some goals I wanted to hit. Here's where I'm at:

Learn About Parenting When you have a kid you learn no matter what. I've made some mistakes and I'm still learning, but I think I've also done a lot of good things with Hayden.

Get the Baby Room Done Done!

Build a Deck I'm starting on this project this week. I have to do a lot of reading and measurements and planning and budgeting, but I have to start sometime, and I'm starting tonight. I've set a goal to get this all done by mid-August.

Stop Swearing Um...yeah. This isn't working out too well.

Lose Some Weight This isn't going anywhere. Part of it was due to having Hayden - I cut back to 2 days a week of exercising, and that didn't help out at all. I'm still floating just above 200 (201, 203, depends on the day), but after talking to Liz about this I think I've resigned myself to the fact that I do weigh more because I have more muscle than I did two or three years ago. But I can trim some fat here and there. I'm making changes to make this happen.

Add Commenting to my Blog Done!

Do a Couple of Speaking Engagements Done!

Add More to .NET Langauges I'm still lamenting about what I should do about that site.

Blog About Some Topics in the Can Done, although this has become an on-going todo list, which I don't mind.

Update my Blogging Tool Done, although I want to do a major modification to the persistence mechanism and change other things. This is an on-going project, which is a good thing.

Learn More About Finances D'oh! Haven't done a damn thing about this yet. I'll work on this after the deck is done and the cold weather kicks in.

Get a Bigger Car Done!

All in all, progress is being made, but I still need to work on some things (the deck and my weight being the big ticket items). It's nice to have goals, though - I think this is working out well.

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