Does "Expanding Liberty" Equal "Building Empires"?

After hearing Dubya's inaguration speech and his talk this morning (which I heard on NPR driving into work), I fear that Dubya is attempting to drive this nation into a never-ending stream of warmongering all under the guise of words and phrases like, "expanding liberty", "freedom", and "war on terror." Look, I feel that retaliation against those who carried out the attacks on 9/11 was justified. But I think Dubya is going too far - way too far. The war in Iraq has the potential to become a nightmare (and there are those who feel it's been out of hand for a while). Yes, Iraq is having elections next week. Christ, when I voted last year I didn't fear being bombed or sniped. And now there's rumors and innuendo of the US "looking at" Iran? Dear god, what's next? North Korea? Just how much force is the US willing to expend to "expand liberty" (and doesn't that sound so ironic?)?

And I hope you all caught Dubya "phoning it in" to the anti-abortion rally held a couple of days ago. I don't fear him, but I fear the direction our county is going under him. I wonder if it's just a matter of time before women's rights are trampled over.

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