Server-Side Twitter Processing

Recently I added my Twitter history to the right rail on my web site. I liked it ... except what I didn't like is when the processing took some time. You'd see a "hesitation" and then the rest of the content would show up. Now, I'm sure there lots of things I could've done to circumvent that, but I said, screw it, let's do it all server-side.

So now, all the history is generated on the back end.

I also added caching so if you're seriously stalking me, you'll see updates on the web site but they make some time (no more than a minute) to show up in my right rail. I have to also get some other things cached on my site as well so response time is a wee bit better than what it is, and there's other changes I want to make too, but at least I got the Twitter processing out of the browser.

* Posted at 03.26.2009 03:05:27 PM CST | Link *

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