Unused Method Arguments

Last night at Omaha.NET I got an interesting question during my talk. It was based around code that looked like this:

public int DoSomething(int x, int y)
    return x * x;

Basically I made the claim that VS will give you an error, saying that y isn't being used. Someone in the audience said that was incorrect - the compiler wouldn't bark at you. I couldn't sworn I saw the IDE yell at me when I've done this before...but I needed to do it in VS to be sure. So I got home and tried it out.

Turns out we were both right :)

He was correct in that the C# compiler won't complain about it. But if you have CodeAnalysis turned on (with warnings as errors enabled), you'll see CA1808 pop up:

CA1801 : Microsoft.Usage : Parameter 'y' of 'Beer.DoSomething(int, int)' is never used. Remove the parameter or use it in the method body.

Since I have CodeAnalysis cranked up in my projects, that's why I see it.

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