Language Wars...Sigh

A lot of people are talking about this post from Carl. While I agree with the spirit of his response to this, personally, I wouldn't even respond to comments that talk about the "superiority" of one language over another, or why you should switch from language A to language B [1]. Granted, there are differences between .NET languages, both at the language level and what they produce via compiliation in the assemblies, but at the end of the day, the CLR is king. Use the language you love. Have friendly discussions about the language you love and the languages other developers love (and this is something I'll be focusing on more and more in the coming months). But, please, can we stop these conversations about which language sucks ass more than another?

[1] Like I've always said (and I'll continue to say it), if you're a .NET developer, you should know C# and VB .NET. Case closed. The real key is if you know how to nagivate around the Framework effectively and you know that you don't have to use Win32 calls when the Framework wraps this for you.

* Posted at 07.14.2004 11:39:51 AM CST | Link *

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