The Backblog Project

Now that I have my web site tools done...what's next? Oh, there's lots of little projects for me to do. There's the Twin Cities Code Camp this Saturday, then I have an internal WCF talk to given at Magenic, then a code security talk in a couple of weeks, plus there's a bunch of stuff I want to work on, both on my web site and my side code projects. But...I wanted to put something together than I've been mulling over for the past year or so, and I think it's time to kick it off:

The picture shows two journals plus a set of tapes (remember those?) that I used to journal in college. The orange journal only has a couple of entries (from 8.24.1991 to 10.1.1995), the green one has entries from 10.23.1997 to 10.7.1999 [1]. The load of journal entries are in the tapes (ranging from 5.24.1993 to 9.9.1995). Each tape is 90 minutes in length so you can imaging that I did a lot of rambling in college (what else was I supposed to do during that time? Oh, yeah, write my master's thesis!).

This project will require a lot of typing. The journals won't be too hard, but I'll have to listen from the tapes and enter what I hear (and no, I'm not doing this though speech recognition - I'm not leaving that up to chance!). So you can guess that this isn't going to get done anytime soon. But I want to preserve this stuff in digital form.

I also reserve the right to edit the content as I see fit. I know, that doesn't seem right in a way, does it? But there's probably some stuff on the tapes that deal with my former fiance in college (I really have no clue what I said at this point) and I may not want to publish that. That's OK in my book; this project is more for me to "back-blog" my life, and I'll be the judge about what gets through on my blog.

[1] When I was younger, I actually kept a diary/journal of sorts, but I threw that all away for reasons I can't remember right now. That would've been fun to find that stuff and post it. It would've probably been very embarrasing as well!

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