"A Simple Plan"

I finished this book last week over my vacation at some cabins with family. It's a tale where three people (2 brothers and a friend) stumble across over 4 million dollars in a crashed plane. Their initial plan is to wait 6 months to see if anything is mentioned about the plane, and if all is clear, they split the money. The majority of the book chronicles the slow but steady descent into horror as each of them unravel the plan via really bad decisions.

I don't want to tell you too much about the book because it would ruin the effect of the storytelling. It's that good. I had a really hard time putting the book down. It's a train wreck of choices that spiral completely out of control, and I found myself wanting to see just how far it would go. It's really easy to read at a beach (or anywhere else for that matter). Grab a copy and dive in.

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