Terrace at Lunch

A couple of days ago, a co-worker (Mike) and I were talking about board games (he has a 3D-chess board at his desk), and I mentioned Terrace to him. I have a couple of boards at home, so I brought one in and we played a quick game:

This is the position half-way through the game. Mike (orange) has two of my pieces, but my terrace piece is just two spots away from victory (in the upper-left hand corner). We ended up stale-mating:

Terrace is a pretty fun game to play. It's not hard to learn, and since there's not a lot of strategy books out there on it, you have to go with your "gut" instincts (more or less).

We got a couple of "gawkers" as they passed by and saw us playing a board game over lunch. Heather (another team member) called us "nerds" (the nerve! especially coming from a former hardcore "Magic the Gathering" player) - we just shunned her. We plan on playing more games when we have the time - Terrace allows 4 players so we'll get other team members to play. I think I need to introduce Mike to my version of chess called Concurrent Chess.

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