New Halo2 Maps Reaction, and my PGR2 Profile is Corrupted!

So, what do I think of the maps? Meh...they're alright, but nothing spetacular. I need to just walk around the maps with people and get familiar with their layout, and not just play a slayer game because I don't know where the rocker lancher or sniper are. Here's a quick summary of my thoughts on the maps:

  • Turf: Kind of interesting, with lots of tight corners, doors, and roof-sniping.
  • Santuary: OK.
  • Containment: My favorite of the bunch. It's huge - this would be great for big team battles.
  • Warlock: This is the same as a previous map in Halo1, updated with different textures and they put a small center room in the middle. I liked the map in Halo1, but I wish they would bring back Prisoner - that one was a blast.

Unfortunately, my PGR2 account got corrupted last night, and I never backed it up on a memory card, so now I'd have to start all over again to get the cars. That ain't gonna happen, and I'm not going to spend the money on Action Replay. Hopefully, Forza (which is now a week away!) will completely replace PGR2 as my primary game.

* Posted at 04.26.2005 09:44:46 AM CST | Link *

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