Halo 2 Cheaters, and OHMYGODITSCOLD

Seems like Bungie is going to crack down on cheaters [1]. This is good. I've been in a couple of rooms where I could tell the opponent was using that exploit, and it sucks. The reason you play a game is to see how well you can do under certain constraints. If you go beyond those constrains, that's fine, but then you're no longer playing that game. For example, if I'm playing chess with someone, and my opponent suddenly moves his pawn like a queen, I'm going to be awfully confused and not happy with your move. That's because chess doesn't allow you to do that. Now, there are variations of the rules of chess, such as:

  • Each person has a "special" move, where they can make any piece act like any other piece. They can only do this once in a game, though.
  • Progressive chess: I move once, you move twice, I move three times, etc.

Of course, the point is both players agree on the rule alterations. I don't agree to the XBox cheating - in fact, when you get an XBoxLive account you stating you won't cheat, and if you get caught you'll be banned. I hope XBox continues due dilligence on banning cheaters - they do nothing to the XBoxLive experience other than piss off a bunch of people. The less morons that are online, the better.

Of course, I couldn't write any of this until I extracted my testicles from my body cavity due to the cold temperatures today. My god - I have to put the golf shirts away for the winter and break out the sweaters and sweatshirts!

[1] If you want a description of the cheating technique I'm referring to, here's a good description.

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