Corny Ads, Hilarious Book Writings, and My Googlisms

On the flight out to California (BTW, Ted, Minnesota is not that bad!), I started reading the "Honeypots" book. It's fairly interesting, although it's at a more generalized level than I was hoping for. However, when I got to page 88, I just had to laugh:

"Another factor that made Back Orifice such a dangerous tool was its flexibility...For example, other coders could develop plugins, called BUTTplugs, that would extend or enhance the functionality of the Back Orifice (emphasis mine)."

You know that acronym was created on purpose.

Also, if you're interested in commercial products that use evolutionary computation, check out Digenetics. They have some cool stuff - I first heard about them when I read the "Blondie24" book. Their new ad for their upcoming chess product is so bad it's funny. Click here to see it. Here are some of the best lines - they're even better when you match 'em up with the bad actors:

  1. "You know, not many people can pull it off...but you use your king very well."
  2. "Oh, nice really nailed me there."
  3. "Darn! I should've seen that coming."
  4. "Aw, dude, you hurt me."


I checked out my Googlism. Some don't apply anymore due to my recent job change, but a couple were pretty interesting:

  1. jason bock is one of those types who is fascinated by programming languages
  2. jason bock is sending me a copy of his cil book
  3. jason bock is president
  4. jason bock is not your typical geek engineer

Oh, my wife came out to California last night - she's staying until Sunday. It's nice to come back to the hotel and have your family there.

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