I finished this book a couple night ago. It's a sci-fi horror book where an ancient evil...wait, scratch that - it's some kind of alien life force...or at least a third of it (the "Black") has been stored in the "Vault" of a space station called Cresent. Somehow mining the planet that Cresent orbits uncovered/released the alien but it split into three colors, Red (which is all horny - I mean, really, really horny), Purple (I'm not sure what its emotional state is) and Black (which is super-pissed off and vicious). When people stumble across the Vault (which is supposed to be closed off but hey, it's supposed to be a horror novel) the Black starts creeping out. And how for some odd reason people on the ship are going to the planet and unleashing the other colors (I think) and bad things really start to happen. And, of course, someone needs to get pregnant so the Unity of the Three can come into our world...or at least that's what I could gather.

I wish I wasn't so snarky with this review. This book isn't that bad ... in fact it's fairly decent in spots. The problem is the book hits and misses a lot. Some scenes are set up nicely, but the characters are very 1-dimensional. I frankly did not care about any of them in any way - they were just there to keep the story moving along. It's a violent story, but it didn't scare me. It was just one gore fest after another. Frankly, it didn't have any suspense for me. It did keep me interested enough that I finished it, but I felt fairly let down at the end. It's a good if somewhat cliched idea, but it doesn't consistently execute all the way through.

Overall, I can't recommend this book. I'm not saying "avoid it", but don't put it high on your list either.

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