GA/EP Notes: EC1 Chapters 5 Through 7

No, I haven't stopped my EP studies; I've just been sidetracked with other things.

Chapter 5, "Principles of Genetics", was a nice introduction to the aspects of biology that EP leans heavily on. Granted, biology has never been a strong point with me, so I had to read some of this stuff slowly before it sunk in, and even now I don't think it all stuck. The chapter covers phenotypes, chromosomes, breeding, transcription, and so on.

Chapter 6 dives into the history of EP and its various forms and offshoots. This was a weird chapter to me - while I understand the relevance of history, knowing what conferences were going on at what time didn't really resonate with me.

Chapter 7 gave an overview of evolutionary algorithms, of which GAs, EPs, and ESs are all a part of. It touches on the essentials of the algorithm, such as population generation, mutation, crossover, etc.

I'm starting to see that GAs is just one way to do EC. The next three chapters are going to cover GAs, EPs, and ESs in more details so I'll see if my thoughts on this hold or not.

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