Kindness at the Airport

While I don't mind flying in an airplane, the whole experience is something left to be desired. It's just not fun. Not that I need to be entertained during the whole experience; I just want it to be much less annoying. And there's stories upon stories that I've heard about nightmare episodes with ticket agents, TSA, etc. But yesterday I had two pleasent run-ins with people.

The first was a TSA agent. Liz and I were trying to get the kids through security and of course we forget to pull the portable DVD player and the clear bag from the backpack, so they pulled it for a check. The woman that did it was very nice - she saw that we had two kids and we were probably thinking of other things while we were getting them through security. She told us a couple of things to do next time and also suggested that we call the airline to get Liz's brother-in-law's name in so he could get a pass and met Liz at the gate. So yes, there are actually nice TSA agents out there.

The second was a woman at the airport who gave us a couple of diapers. Liz overpacked her backpack Saturday night and I told her that she needed to trim in down. She accidentally pulled a bag within the backpack that had all the diapers in it, and we didn't realize this until we the delays kicked in and we had to change the kids. So I ran around the airport, trying to find a store that sold diapers. Only one store did and they were too small. So I talked to someone at an information desk who told me to go down the hall and ask someone in an office if they had any. The woman there was very nice and they had a locker full of diapers, so I grabbed a couple and thanked her profusely.

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