Flagged Links #7

"Introducing IKVM.Reflection.Emit" - This is very interesting. I hope he releases this as a separate project - I'd be interested in using it for EmitDebugger. He also hints that some types may be unsealed in 4.0 - I have to take a look at that as well.

".NET Code Contracts and TDD Are Complementary" - Good article on DBC and TDD.

"Functional .NET 4.0 - Tuples and Zip" - Finally, tuples are coming to .NET 4.0! And zip's there too.

"IronPython and WPF Part 2: Loading XAML" - The 2nd article in the series.

"Sneak Preview: Code Digger — The New Pex Experience" - Very cool description of how easy it is to use Pex.

"Paramesh Vaidyanathan and Rico Mariani: The Future of Visual Studio Extensibility" - Hearing that VS is going to be more WPF-based and that there's a new extensibility model is exciting. I may finally dive into my VS project I've always wanted to do.

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