Great Discussion on Paint.NET 4.0

Read this. I like his comments on "starting from scratch":

Bear in mind that "from scratch" means that I started with a brand new, empty solution file in Visual Studio. It does not mean I’m throwing out all the current Paint.NET code. There are many places where I will be able to reuse vast amounts of it — rendering kernels, effects, math, algorithms, etc. The entire structure of the program will be different, however. If you demolish your old house to build a new one, you don’t throw out the grand piano in the living room too. It still has plenty of value.

I'm all for refactoring, but (depending on many factors) there may be times where a full rewrite is called for. But it's never really a "full rewrite". You're always going to reuse lots of what you did before; you're probably just going to reorganize it using better techniques and ideas that you've learned since the code base was started.

Paint.NET is a little gem in the .NET world - it's a great, free tool all in .NET with a good add-in story. I'm looking forward to downloading Paint.NET 4.0 (and this time I'll use the PayPal feature - it's been long overdue :) ).

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