"The Mystic Rose"

I finished this book a couple of days ago. I like the first book in the trilogy, but the second one didn't really do anything for me. This book was a combination of the first and the second. There were parts that I liked, but there were parts that really dragged. Basically, Cait, whose grandfather was Murdo (the guy in the first book who get the Iron Lance - the spear that pierced Jesus when he was on the cross) and father was Duncan (the guy in the second book who gets the Black Rood - a piece of said cross). Her quest is to get the Mystic Rose, or the Holy Grail, the cup Jesus used at the last supper.

Guess what happens :).

OK, so I get that this family has been mystically chosen to find all these holy artifacts. But Lawhead seems to just repeat himself in each book. The first one really got my attention, especially the chapters that described the sickening aftermath of battle. The second one didn't hook me, and the third one doesn't seem to go anywhere new. Cait's sister is just an annoying character who ends up getting kidnapped, and the story just seems to sputter at that point. A small payoff is that you end up finding out what this "secret group" is all about (the guy who does a small narration at the beginning of each new part in the three books) but that wasn't enough.

I really hope the Hood books are better. Right now I felt like Lawhead let me down with this trilogy. I liked the Songs From Albion trilogy, and I realize Lawhead is a Christian, so writing about the Crusades and holy relics would be fairly high on religious content. I was OK with that. But the stories just didn't do it for. Books in a series need to move on, not recycle the same thing.

Next up is "The End of Faith" by Sam Harris. I'm not done with it yet, but I'll give you a preview of my review: wow.

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