Flagged Links #36

"Zero Punctuation: Skate 2" - This time, it's "Skate 2" in Zero's target.

"Why catch(Exception)/empty catch is bad" and "Handling Corrupted State Exceptions" - More reasons to avoid catching the general exception type whenever possible.

"Disassembling .Net Notes: Field Signatures Entries Index" - If you want to understand the minuate of .NET assemblies, here you go.

"Type Theory Essentials in Pictures – Part 1 – Quiz" - Add your own guesses.

"What does a lunar eclipse look like from the Moon?" - It's awesome is what it is.

"More Reviews of DEATH!" - Thanks for including mine!

"Preview of Code Contract Tools Now Available" - Oh, yes - a binary rewriter?? Gotta check this out!

"In-depth: How .NET managed services interact with the ServiceControlManager (SCM)" - WinServices are cool, the more tips, the better.

"The Fan Programming Language" - Fan is cool.

"Multiple Inheritance in C# using Dynamic Features" - There's more to dynamic than meets the eye.

"JRuby 1.2: Coping With Bugs" - There's always tradeoffs.

"Fun With HTML Script Tags" - HTML != XML...which sucks. I keep forgetting that myself.

"Cat Addicted to String" - Cat videos never get old. Ever.

"Goodbye Dubai" - I guess building islands and 1/2 mile high skyscrapers wasn't such a great idea after all.

"Do we need both Visual Basic and C#?" - Sometimes, I think language parity is a good thing, and then...sometimes I'm not so sure.

"Agile Testing (Crispin/Gregory) is a great book, long overdue" - Sounds like a good book to get for my new Kindle, which should be coming...any...day...now...

"EQ Magazine article on the making of Snakes & Arrows" - Great details on the recording of a great set of songs.

"Flex's Achilles Heel" - Continuing the Silverlight vs. Flash debate...sort of :).

"The Sands of Myth [22]" - Amazing review of an new map coming for Halo3.

"The Art of Warthog [2]" - I've done a couple of moves like this myself.

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