Verifying Assemblies

If you've ever emitted an assembly via the classes in System.Reflection.Emit, you know that all it takes is one stupid little mistake to totally mess up your emitted assembly. I know this first-hand: when I was creating my Dynamic Proxy generator for my CIL book, I made opcode after opcode foul-up. I eventually got it to work, but what I really needed is a tool to check the assembly for verification errors. There's a tool provided by the .NET Framework called peverify, but at the time I wasn't using any testing frameworks (like NUnit), and I could've invoked peverify after the assembly was saved, but it never dawned on my to do that. As I was reading my diary on writing the CIL book, I realized that it's not that hard to put a thin wrapper over peverify so you can verify your assemblies at run-time all through one method:

VerificationErrorCollection errors =
    AssemblyVerification.Verify(new FileInfo("GoodAssembly.dll"));

If the returned collection has errors in it, you know your assembly is bogus. If you take a look at the code, you'll also see how this works with dynamic assemblies. Note that I have not tested this with the 2.0 version. I also wish there was a way to turn the metadata tokens into member names so the information that's in the MetadataVerificationError class would have more meaning, but I don't think there's a way to turn a token into something meaningful in C#. But I wish I would've created this a long time ago - it would've saved me hours when I created that proxy generator.

If you have any questions with the code, please let me know. Enjoy!

* Posted at 09.05.2005 06:05:24 PM CST | Link *

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