Poker Last Night

Well, I played better than I did last time. I was in danger of being the first one out again, though. The first hand was a pair of 8s, and I lost a fair amount on that hand. Soon after I went all-in against a pair of Ks, but I got a straight on the river (that was nerve-racking!). After that, I calmed down a lot, and then I just had fun. I actually bluffed someone who could've easily beat me - all I had was a pair of 10s, but I a lot more chips than him and he didn't want to lose 'em. Out of 22 people, I was the 10th or 11th out. I went all-in with A-10 suited, but the other guy had A-K offsuit, so I knew that I needed a miracle 10 to stay alive, and it never happened. Oh, well - I had fun this time (and I had a bit of a hangover this morning to prove it).

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