I'm In a Morbid Saint Video!!

Now this is quite bizarre (i.e. don't ask how I thought of this), but there was a band from Sheboygan in the late 80s called Morbid Saint. They were the death-speed metal "satan" band (for lack of a better term) and Sardonyx (the band I was in) was the Christian alternative. Not that we were any better or worse, and frankly it wasn't that big of a deal. We ended up talking to them a couple of times and while I didn't get into their singing some of the songs were decent. On a whim, I decided to YouTube 'em, and I found this video:

It's just a bunch of pictures, but I started looking at the pics, and I thought, hey, that's the battle of the bands we both did! I wonder if I got in on a picture...and I did (comes in around 1:18)!

Too funny :).

By the way, the guys next to me are the members of Sardonyx. The guy to my left is Mike Gooding (drummer), the guy to my right is Bryon Zimmermann (bassist/singer) and to Bryon's right is Tim Heinen (guitarist).

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