Good Going, Bungie!

Bungie finally dropped the hammer on thousands of players. This is about time. The racism, abusive language, and cheating has become intolerable at times, and I hope Bungie continues to crack down on the idiots and morons who feel that being a Halo 2 "professional" is their #1 goal in line, so much so that they have to reduce themselves to this kind of pathetic behavior. As I've said so many times before, it's nowhere near as bad on PGR2 - people don't seem to care so much that they've lost a race and you can actually have conversations with competitors. That's not the case in Halo 2, and that's disappointing.

I think Bungie sums up well what's been going on:

I wish I could express in words the rage that Live players feel about cheating and other abusive behavior on Halo 2. The offenders are jackasses, plain and simple. There is no defense or reasonable explanation for that kind of behavior. Quite what is going through the "minds" of these drooling halfwits escapes me, and forgive the editorializing, but I hope that every last one of them gets his fingers slammed in a car door on a cold day. MORONS.


* Posted at 01.15.2005 01:19:06 PM CST | Link *

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