Getting Free Time
This morning Liz gave me some free time to do some techno work. I drove over to the local Dunn Bros., got some coffee, and cracked the laptop open. I got a lot done, but it never feels like enough. The big thing is an idea that Mike and I have to present at the next Code Camp (yes, #3 will be in October - details will start showing up very soon), and while I made some progress on it, it doesn't feel like I got to the really hard stuff. But it was definitely productive. Hopefully as Ryan gets a bit older I'll be able to get some more of this Saturday morning alone times. I'm finding out that as I get older (especially with 2 kids now), I just don't have the mental energy to crack the laptop open at night and code away. I'd rather just play a video game or read a book. Again, as Ryan gets a bit older things should calm down a bit, but I know that being a parent means a lot of my focus goes to that. Believe me, I'm OK with that :).

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