BigInteger is Interal

Sigh...I remember reading about a BigInteger class being added to .NET 3.5...then somewhere in the beta cycles it got changed to be an internal type, and sadly the release version still has it internal (you can find it in the System.Core assembly as System.Numeric.BigInteger). I know I'll get the "please explain when you'd ever need to use this class" inquiry to justify why this type should be opened up (uhhh...because I did large numerical computations as part of my master's thesis? But I digress...), but that's too time-consuming, especially since the DLR has a BigInteger type available. Sure, you could wrap this up with PrivateObject or do some duck typing magic, but it looks like they're very close...why don't they make it public? Oh, well, it is what it is.

* Posted at 12.12.2007 07:16:21 AM CST | Link *

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