Poor Hayden

Last night we put Hayden down at 7 PM. He seemed normal. Around 8:45 PM we heard him get up screaming, which is very unusual for him - once he's down he's down for the night. Liz checked up on him and he had thrown up all over the place. Basically that's been the story ever since - last night was not fun for all of us. You know, when I was younger cleaning up awful diapers and vomit was never on my list of goals to accomplish in life. But, that's the fun of being a parent. You get to see you kid giggle and laugh and learn along with all the other gross stuff.

Before I left for work he seemed to be doing a little better - he's able to keep water and Pedialite (sp?) down, although he looks pretty whipped. We called the doctors and they said they've seen a fair amount of babies and kids lately that have a 1 or 2 day flu with lots of vomiting associated with it. Hopefully he'll get better soon - it's not fun seeing my buddy so sick.

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