My Theories on the Last "BSG"

The last episode of "Battlestar: Galatica" is tonight. This has been by far one of the best TV shows ever made, period. It's not just "sci-fi"; there's a huge, well-written story going on with great actors creating great characters. I've watched every show and while it's sad to see a show like this end, I'm glad it's going out strong and at the right time.

So...what's going to happen? I have no idea, but I have my theories (major spoilers follow if you haven't watched the series yet - you have been warned):

  • Starbuck has been deemed the "harbinger of death". I believe that during the last boss-fight tonight (which you know is coming) between the human/Cylon alliance and Cylons will show that she somehow eliminates all of the Cylons on the other site right before Galatica implodes on itself (with most of the major characters escaping). That's why she's the "harbinger of death". The humans have been virtually eliminated and they're running out of gas, and while I don't want to see a happy, rosy ending I think there has to be some suffering on the Cylon side, although one could argue that since the humans destroyed the Resurrection ship it's (sort of) evened the score.
  • I don't think the humans have found the 13th tribe. If I remember, the bones from Earch that were examined were all Cylon, but I wonder if the human members of the 13th tribe (or all of them) took off when they realized Cylons were taking over and found another planet to live on. So everyone living on the planet was Cylon, and the humans were the ones that nuked Earth (kind of a reversal of events from how BSG actually started). Now, this could lead to the humans/Cylons actually finding the location of this planet at the end of the show, but that could be too much of a warm-and-fuzzy ending. Of course, if I'm right on this, they could also end it by having the humans/Cylons destroy the Cylons and finding out (somehow) that there is a planet that has humans on it (they find the answers somewhere on Earth), and they go to show that there can be peace between humans and Cylons. The show ends with them starting their final search. That may not be that bad of an ending.
  • Starbuck still doesn't know what she is. I remember reading in "Entertainment Weekly" that she said she was a little disappointed in how the final show handles her character because not everything is resolved with her. I think that if I'm right on my guesses, she chooses not to continue on with the humans/Cylons. She gets a ship and decides to travel on her own ... to who knows where. She doesn't know what she really is, she doesn't think the answers can be found with the 13th tribe (well, they might, but she doesn't think that), and she's determined to find out what it is. You never find out what happened to her, nor what happens to her.

I could be so far off-base - I have no clue. But I'm going to be watching tonight with the hopes that they end the series well. So say we all!

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