Flagged Links #24

"This American Measles" - To everyone: please vaccinate your kids. End of story.

"My Software Is Being Pirated" - DRM is useless. Piracy will always be around. Deal with it, and don't be a part of it either.

"Cosmic Rays in Memory" - Capturing a cosmic array coarsing through memory - very cool!

"API Hall of Shame #2 – Useless Exception Messages" - I love the exception messages that WCF gives when you have verbose messages turned on. Makes me cringe when I see useless messages like this.

"The 2008 Media Inflection: Meet Dr. Web, the New Gorilla" - No surprise here. Printed publications are dead. I'm down to subscribing to one magazine, and I'll probably dump that after a year.

"Hello, 2009" - I can't wait for SSDs to become commonplace.

"The Z2K9 Problem" - Bad Zune code! Bad!

"Wetware Refactorings" - Basically, keep switching things up.

"Writing a DisjointSet in C# with the help of Code Contracts and Pex" - Contracts rock. Pex rocks. 'nuff said.

"Online Courses" - I'm thinking of maybe doing something like this in the future. I've always loved learning, especially in the academic sense. Doing things online with a schedule that works for me is probably the way to go.

"Visualizing the Recent Yellowstone Earthquakes" - Holy crap, there's earthquakes at Yellowstone?! Run!! Seriously, this is an amazing way to see how the earthquakes unfolded using Mathematica.

"Commercial Fail" - The best line in this ad for this poorly named product? "My wife would like that!"

"Caliburn: An Application Framework for WPF and Silverlight" - I may be doing a lot of WPF development in the near future. Using a framework like this may help out a lot.

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