UriViewer, or, How to Make a Quick Object Viewer in 5 Minutes

The more I develop in .NET, the more I run into the Uri class. I really like Uri as it makes it easy to parse URLs and related items. However, I have to admit that I'm not very adept with its properties (e.g. I always forget what the Authority property stands for). A while ago, I wrote a console application that I used to peruse the contents of a Uri object, but I wanted to move that into a WinForms application. Today, after working with the Url property off of a HttpRequest object, I decided to put the WinForm application together.

Now, my initial worry was that I would have to lay out all of the controls to represent the properties that are in a Uri object. Then, for some bizarre reason a chain of neural connections in my brain woke up as I was thinking through this problem, and I remembered the PropertyGrid control in WinForms. "No...", I thought, "it can't be that easy! Or can it? Hmmm..."

You can get the code here. To me, this shows just how cool the .NET Framework can be. I was expecting to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to render all of the data in a Uri object. By using the PropertyGrid control, I got this done in 5 minutes!

* Posted at 06.24.2004 01:47:50 PM CST | Link *

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