Owner-Drawn Text and Right-To-Left Woes Progress

Thanks to the help of Bill Wagner, I was able to come close to a solution. I can now get the text to draw correctly (and after Bill nudged me in the right direction, I had a "duh-that-was-easy!" moment), but there's another problem. I've uploaded a new version of the sample project (which you can get here) - here's what's going on now.

Since I'm now drawing the text to a temporary image, there are some issues going on with anti-aliasing and other GDI+-tomfoolery that I have no clue about. Here's what happens when the text is drawn on the form with no background image (note that it no longer matters if the form is mirrored - the problems show up either way):

Note that the second line of text (the one that is drawn to a bitmap first) isn't as sharp as the first line. It gets worse if I don't set the SmoothingMode and TextRenderingHint properties on the Graphics object as I am in DrawRtlAndFlipped():

Bill found a way to clean it up if there is a background image:

So, while I can now owner-draw text correctly in mirroring scenarios, the text doesn't look quite right when there isn't a background image. Note that this is no longer a problem with mirroring - it's just a GDI issue, so I'm hoping there's a better chance that someone can solve this problem. Let me know if you have any ideas.

* Posted at 01.04.2005 05:05:32 PM CST | Link *

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