11.16.2002 12:19 PM

This past week was devoted to teaching a Java/XML course. I'm starting to get more at ease with being an instructor. It's always a learning process, but I'm starting to find out what works and what doesn't. Now it's back to the book during my free time. I've pretty much decided to take a "break" after Exploring .NET is done. No more book writing! Over the last two months I've been moving away from other external projects, and I feel like I'm getting re-charged. I know that after a forced break I'll get into the mood to write again, but I really need a break to just do some R&D and catch up on the huge stack of books and magazines I've been neglecting to read. I also want to get this site changed to the new look, which I think I'll do once all of the chapters have been turned in.

I spent the morning re-arranging my drum set. It's always been awkward the way I've had it arranged - the highest tom was to the immediate right side of the hi-hat, and I wanted to move it above the hi-hat. So I took the time this morning resetting the stands, and now it's a lot easier to get to the highest tom from the hi-hat. Eventually I'll post how the new setup looks.

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