Heading Down to Iowa Code Camp Today

Tomorrow is the 1st Iowa Code Camp - I'm heading down this afternoon with a bunch of other developers (including Chris, who is also speaking and I'm rooming with - no spooning!). With the TCCC I'm not only speaking but hosting, so I don't get a chance to just sit in a room and listen to the presentations. This time will be different - I definitely intend on attending the following talks:

  • Amanda Laucher - How F# Can Be Used in Applications
  • Brian Hartin - "Intro to Inversion of Control Patterns - Writing Extensible Software"
  • Derick Whittaker - Taking your tests to the next level with Mock

It's nice that all these talks are in the same room as the one I'm speaking in (my "Writing Better Code" talk is right after lunch - hope to see you there!). I won't have to get up much :).

This past week has been very stressful for many reasons, and only in the last day or so has things started to look up. So this is a nice way to cap off the week:

  • A 5-hour drive through cornfields with developers (I'm sure the conversations will head south (no pun intended) quickly)
  • 1 day with developers who love what they do (they wouldn't go to an event on a Saturday if they didn't like what they did)
  • 2 days away from family (I love Liz, Hayden and Ryan, but having a short break like this is nice, especially with all the "why?" questions Hayden is saying these days)

The Garmin is programming, the car will be gassed...game on!

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