11.03.2002 12:48 AM

I finally got an Eiffel project to work as expected. Charles Cook helped me out - he's also done some work with Eiffel for .NET as well. I've always liked Eiffel and I think it's a very expressive language, but the .NET plug-in is a bit buggy right now. Sometimes it doesn't like Current when it's perfectly legal to use. Other times it shows code in error with the red squiggly line underneath the code when there's nothing wrong with the code and it compiles perfectly. But exploring .NET languages is always a fun endeavor.

I went to the Rush concert last night. It was a very good concert. The bass sounded a bit muddy and the sound in general wasn't that great, although Neil's snare came through very well. I was amazed that he was using the electronic symbols in the back - usually he mixed electonic drums with real cymbals. The drum solo was amazing as usual - I learned a lot just by watching him play (and I also got thorougly humbled). The intermission was also very cool - I was wondering what the hell that bird/static sound was. Then the backdrop slowly showed an image of a landscape with the sun rising - after about 5-10 minutes, the picture was clear, the lights dropped, a dragon showed up, and blew a fireball which was translated into a huge pyrotechnic display of fire behind the band. It was hot - I was sitting in the lower level next to Alex's side of the stage and I could definitly feel the blast of heat. The song selection was great - the acoustic version of "Resist" was a very nice touch. Overall, it was definitely worth the money. I had a blast, and I hope they continue to tour for years to come.

Oh, can't forget that "The Simpsons" Halloween special is on tonight. Whoo, hoo!

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