Huh, The New Terminator Movie Series Is Really Shaping Up

When I first heard of the new Terminator movies, I though, "ugh". Then I heard McG was directing them, and I thought, "UGH - Terminator meets Charlie's Angels".

Then I heard Christian Bale was in as the new John Conner, and then the rumor that Josh Brolin was in on the picture, and now Sam Worthington is (supposedly) in.

Huh, maybe this new group of Terminator movies (the current plan is 3 movies) won't suck. It comes down the story, of course, but the list of actors tied to his is shaping up nicely. I just hope McG doesn't eff it up.

* Posted at 02.13.2008 02:50:18 PM CST | Link *

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