I finished this book last night. Basically, Lenie Clarke is on a rampage, out to get ... well, pretty much everyone. Secrets and plans are convoluted and hidden throughout the book, but basically it comes down to one thing: stop ╬▓ehemoth at all costs.

I didn't like this book as much as "Starfish", but it's still a great read. The secret motivations I felt got a little out of hand, but I've noticed Watts tends to explain stuff that he throws out there later on, so hopefully more will be revealed in the final two books. The hard sci-fi aspect I really like, although some of the technology I felt was a little far-fetched. I like that Watts adds some real-world details behind the concepts and terms he uses, and where he sometimes "places a bet" on something that doesn't quite pan out the way he wanted to (e.g. Ganzfield interrogation, which is based on the quantum mind model). Overall, I had a hard time putting this book down, and while I felt "Starfish" is stronger, I already have "╬▓ehemoth: ╬▓-Max" on my nightstand.

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