Hey! Keep Your Debugger Outta My Code!!

Want to make someone's debugging life a little confusing? Do this:

public class NoDebuggersAllowed { }

Any methods added to NoDebuggersAllowed will not be debuggable because of that attribute. A co-worker was going nuts because his breakpoint on the constructor was never getting hit. It took me a while before I saw that the attribute was on the class. He didn't add it; the class was generated from some code generating tool and thought it would be a wonderful idea to confuse the hell out of someone by not letting them step into the internals of the generated class.

I can see where this attribute has some benefits, but the next time you're sure you've set a breakpoint that should be hit and it isn't, look out for DebuggerStepThroughAttribute!

* Posted at 05.23.2006 10:49:23 AM CST | Link *

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