ISAPI Filter Solved and an FxCop Presentation

I...well, to be precise, me and a couple of developers paired up and figured out the ISAPI problem. The issue was more of a security issue in that the ISAPI filter couldn't read a registry key so it didn't know what queue it should post its' data to. I'm going to be re-writing this as an HttpModule over the next week or so which should be interesting.

Today I gave a presentation on FxCop to the client over lunch. Um...well, I have to admint that it didn't go swimmingly. I'm coming to the realization that maybe speaking just isn't my thing. I like learning and writing, but while I'm not nervous doing a presentation, I don't think it's something that I have a real, honest passion for. I'll not against doing presentations in the future, but I think I'll focus more on writing.

* Posted at 06.07.2005 10:03:53 PM CST | Link *

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